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New Chateau Pond (Novozámecký rybník)

This pond was created in medieval times, in the reign of King Charles IV. As early as the 14th century, the “New Chateau Ravine” (Novozámecká průrva) was carved into the living rock of the cliff to drain water from the pond. This channel is 175 m long, 11 m deep, and up to 7 m wide. The ravine is the beginning of the Robeči brook, while the “Beaver” and “Mill’ brooks (Bobří and Mlýnský potok) feed directly into the pond. Under Charles IV, another deep canal was carved into the sandstone cliff, bringing water from the Bobří potok to the pond; this canal, known as the Mnichov Ravine (Mnichovská průrva), is spanned by a bridge along the main road to Česká Lípa.
In 1933, the Novozámecký rybník area (348 ha in total) was declared a national nature reserve; currently, it and the adjoining wetland ecosystems are, in terms of ornithology, one of the most interesting spots in the entire Czech Republic. The contiguous water area of this pond occupies around 40 ha.